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Goodies For Voters From Candidates

Sunday, voters from 11 municipal areas will decide who will represent them for the next five years and to help the voters decide, candidates have offered various sops ranging from cash to kind.
At Margao for example, former councilor contesting from ward No. 12 has reportedly given

500 per vote in Pedda area. The money was packed in an envelope and delivered to every household.
Similarly, the candidate backed by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat in ward No. 14 has given  500 to every muslim woman from the ward.
In fact, voters have never had it better. Some candidates have gifted them mobile phones while others have provided dish television connections and some even cameras.

The amount of money spent on the municipal elections is staggering with a candidate from ward No. 2 claiming to have already spent around  2,00,000/- Little wonder then that some popular youngsters are whizzing around with new motorcycles.
And even though photo identity has been made mandatory for voting, during the first hour of voting, arrangement have been made to get the bogus voters to vote using the slack hours and the fact that the polling officers are just getting into the grind of conducting the polls.
In Vasco too there has been a deluge of gifts for the voters with money being the preferred sop. However, Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza has also distributed water tanks provided by the PWD to most of the voters in the two wards where his wife and brother are contesting.

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