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Goodies Galore For Panjim Voters

Probably taking advantage of the fact that the State Election Commission has not yet appointed observers for elections to the City Corporation of Panjim, voters are being heaped with goodies and the poor are receiving a bonanza of gifts they could not have afforded to purchase.
Education Minister Babush Monseratte has apparently pulled up all the plugs to off load television sets, washing machines, refrigerators, bicycles, cash to purchase Nike shoes to the voters, while the poorer lot is being offered money to repair their houses, improve their roofs and even construct toilets.

Vehicles carrying washing machines, refrigerators and television sets were seen offloading them in the hutment behind the police quarters at Altinho where around 150 voters live in about 20 houses
In fact one resident of this shanty disclosed that during the last corporation elections, she had received asbestos sheets for her roof and this time she has received a television set.
If electronic goods were distributed at Altinho, at the other end of Panjim in Aivon near Dona Paula, where there is no proper road leading to the cluster of houses there, youngsters are seen riding new bicycles which were reportedly distributed to them last week by Babush’s supporters.
In fact, in one ward where the BJP supported candidate distributed shoes, Babush’s supporters asked the recipients to return them with a promise that they would provide Nike shoes.
The stakes are quite high as summed up by Avinash Bhonsle who said that while BJP has distributed cricket world cup schedule, Babush has distributed television sets to watch them.

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