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Google search ‘Bhikari’ it throws Pakistan PM Imran Khan in Images

Panjim: In a continuation of the major embarrassment to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and government of Pakistan, the Google search of the word ‘Bhikari’ which which translated in English means ‘Beggar’ continues to throws up several photographs of Imran Khan.

Social media has hit a frenzy with Google search showing up Imran Khan as ‘Bhikari’.

This however is not the first time images of Imran Khan has popped up when you do a Google search for the word ‘Bhikari’. In fact in 2018 the Pakistan government was suppose to summon Google to explain why search for ‘Bhikari’ shows Imran Khan’s photo.

The mere fact that the ‘Bhikari’ search still continues to show the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan indicates that government of Pakistan failed in getting the Google search engine to stop this embarrassment.

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