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Government crushing farmers voice: Congress

New Delhi: Congress on Thursday said the treatment meted to the farmers who were on their way to Delhi for their demands on Constitution Day was like crushing their rights, and added that the voice of the bread givers of the country cannot be silenced forcefully.

Addressing a press conference, Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh said that farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh who were coming to Delhi for raising their demand of rolling back the three anti farmer laws, were stopped from doing the same and despite cold weather water cannons were used to disperse them.

Calling this injustice, he said that the government resorted to ‘barbaric’ ways which shows that the government wants to suppress the voice of 62 crore food producers of the country, however, he added saying that the farmers are well aware of their rights and they will not stop with such barbaric ways.

He said the grand-old-party is against these three laws since the beginning and this was the reason because of which the Congress MPs were suspended, however, the Congress is not scared of any such tactics.

The party is standing with the farmers from “Parliament to the roads” and will continue to support them, he added.

Meanwhile, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi also said that condemned use of water cannons on farmers and instead of listening to the farmers concerns and their objection to the law taking away MSP form them, the government is dispersing them using water cannons in such cold weather.

He further attacked government saying that on one hand everything was being taken away from the farmers , while on the other hand the capitalists are being handed over banks, airports, railway stations, while their load are also being waived off.


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