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Government wants to engage with Goan Diaspora to take Goa forward says Vijai Sardesai

Dubai, Dec 15 (GCCurrentAffairs): Calling upon the Goan diaspora in Dubai, to engage with the government that intends to take them into confidence whilst taking Goa forward, the Goa Forward President and TCP Minister called upon Goans in UAE to exhibit the same positivity that they should when they are abroad whilst looking at a fast developing Goa.

Sardesai was speaking at the launch of Goans Connecting Goans , an initiative of UAE Goans headed by Joseph Dias, Akbar Khan, Janardhan Goltekar, George, Jude Fernandes and others at Roda Al Bustan Hotel .

Addressing a packed audience Vijai  Sardesai expanded on the idea of Goemkar without borders. He said he led a party formed for not only the welfare of Goemkars residing in Goa, but also to address the many issues of Goemkars residing abroad, and safeguard their interests in their homeland.

Sardesai further said that our agenda is to offer Goemkars everywhere the political power and voice to have a say in the affairs in their home state.

“By not compromising on our Goemkar first policy,” he said his party in the government would ensure that jobs are created so that Goemkars don’t have to leave their state against their wishes, and by bringing land reforms it will be ensured that  they will not be deprived of their heritage.

During his speech, Sardesai rued that   Goa has lagged behind in forming a true regionalistic party and that has resulted in wanton interference in creating policies and decisions skewed against Goans.

“We are here to correct that. Our ideology, organisation and leadership begins and ends with Goemkars. We’re your brothers and sisters in your home state,” said the GFP President.

He said he had in the past tried to recreate good infrastructure from Dubai back home in Goa. Pointing out to the SGPDA retail fish market inspired by the one in Dubai, he said it illustrates how the government in general and the Goa Forward in particular is a bridge on which two way traffic is possible.

Going back to regionalistic politics and the recent political developments in India he elaborated that the success of TRS in Telangana now and parties like BJD and DMK for decades have shown beyond doubt that regionalistic parties are more efficient and trustworthy and powerful in our local political landscape.

“Supporting Goa Forward is most relevant today because the only way to play a decisive role in national politics is to be a strong regionalistic party,” he said.

Otherwise, he feared that it would be repeated that Goa, which has been everybody’s playground except for the Goans will continue to be so.

Prominent expatriates were felicitated by the guests who included Vipul Shah, Consul General of India in UAE amongst others.

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