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Government’s new promotional guidelines to benefit BJP supporters: Curtorim MLA

The recent decision of the Parrikar led BJP government to do away with the erstwhile Congress government’s policy of promotions of government’s servants is condemnable says Curtorim Congress MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco.

The guidelines issued on 31st May 2011 by the then Congress government had put emphasis on senority cum merit. However, the present government has now reverted back to the 14th December 1995 promotion guidelines wherein the benchmark was more on merit and less on seniority.

When questioned on why this issue of merit over seniority should be a concern, the MLA stated that the yardstick concerning the merit credential is more of a subjective issue rather than an objective issue.

He further added that by adopting the 1995 guideline the Parrikar government wants to prop up its own people and at the same time tame the sincere and honest officers. The 1995 promotional guideline is nothing but a deceptive one. It purely suits this dishonest government in promoting officers like Dr Sanjiv Dalvi as Chief of the Directorate of Health Services who have nothing except a baggage full of controversial and shady past.


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