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Govt adopt delay tactics to scuttle RP 2021 objections

In what appears to be an attempt of the Government of Goa to scuttle off any objections from concerned citizens and activists who have been keeping a keen watch on the government actions to favour real estate developers on the Regional Plan 2021, many concerned citizens and activists are finding it difficult to get their hands on the copies of the regional plan on account of scarcity and waiting period of a minimum of seven days.

As of now there is a lengthy waiting list of people who have applied for copies of their respective village plans and paid for it but the copies are yet to come.

According to Sabina Martins of the forefront organization against the illegalities of the Regional Plan, we had approached Town and Country Planning (TCP) department for copies of their plans but were told none were available since they were in the press. We have asked TCP why they are not giving copies of the CD on Regional Plan, if the printing process is slow. But they have told us that they will not give CDs because of the possibility of unauthenticated soft copies of CDs being circulated after altering the original CD and making copies of the alteration.

Yet another concerned from the Villagers of Goa group from Cansaulim, Ashley Fernandes told that he had visited the TCP office but they are not able to give a copy of the RP plan he requested, the clerk said that he printing machine is not working and it would take seven days. However I find that strange since we have 30 days to file our objections.

A small size plan of your village at TCP costs Rs 200 per print whereas a big size plan costs Rs 400. The TCP will also be releasing at a later date, a book of the entire plan.

It is alleged that the reason for the delay making plans available is fear within TCP department that releasing copies of plans right away will lead to a flood of demonstrations at their doorsteps.

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