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Govt. Against Full Day Schools


Education Minister Atanasio Monsrratte on Tuesday said the issue of running schools for the full day current academic year onwards has been kept on hold by the State Government.
Even though Assistant Director of the Education Department Anil Powar claimed that infrastructure to run schools full day, which is mandatory under the Right to Education Act, is in place for almost 80 per cent of the schools, Monserratte said that State will adopt whatever is possible from the RTE act, while rest would be implemented in phases later.

Powar also informed that an average student requires five hours of teaching daily while a weak student requires almost seven and a half hours daily with remedial teaching.
The State has already implemented no detention policy from the RtE Act, which bars failing of students from first to eighth standard.
A circular stating guidelines for Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)has also been issued by the Education Department, but the officials have said that CCE cannot be implemented without a full day school concept.
Monserratte said that the Government still is not in a position to state its liability under RTE like additional grants to be paid to the schools after English has been made the Medium of Instruction (MOI) and further added that rough estimates are pegged at almost Rs 20 crore additional.
He also said that this issue is relevant only in case of unaided schools and not aided schools.
According to the Education Department statistics, there are 834 Marathi Government primary schools, 46 Marathi aided primary schools, 33 Konkani medium aided primary schools of Archdiocese Board of Education (wing of Goa Church) and two Urdu Government Primary schools, running in the State.


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