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Govt. Callousness Allowed DMD Release: Savio

The judgment delivered by the Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court, the inaptitude and callousness of the Government of Goa and the subsequent lies of the producers has led to the release of the Dum Maro Dum movie, said Savio Rodrigues, Founder and Editor in Chief of Goa Chronicle.Com who had filed a petition before the Bombay High Court at Goa seeking a restrain on the release of the film.
“ While some faction of the public believe that it showcases the truth about Goa and the movie should be allowed to be released, many believe that a fictional account of real issues, spiced up in a Bollywood potboiler will further tarnish the image of Goa which has been over the years getting a lot of negative publicity on account of certain isolated incidents of drugs, rape and sex”, he said speaking to media persons at Margao on Thursday.

 “The release of the movie is a loss for the people of Goa. I am extremely disappointed by the verdict passed by the High Court especially since the judges did not view the movie, even the lawyers of the producers agreed to screen the movie in a previous hearing. Moreover, since the hearing and our request for a immediate release of the judgment order so that we could approach the Supreme Court before the release of the movie, the judges had not signed the judgement till 11 am; making it now virtually impossible to approach the apex court.  We had also asked for an interim relief so that it gives us time to approach the apex court, but that was also denied,“ he said.
The high powered government committee constituted by the Chief Minister had no intention at all to view the movie and has also left the people of Goa stranded, he alleged.
According to Rodrigues, “The committee formed by the government had no relevance to the High Court proceedings; hence the High Court judgment should have no bearing to the committee viewing the movie. To the best of my knowledge and as said by the producers’ lawyers in the court they would not be screening the movie to anyone as they did not want to reveal the plot.”
The entire court case results and the government inefficiency has proved that justice has been denied to the people of Goa, since while the producers claim to have deleted dialogues and objectionable statements against Goa and the people of Goa (especially women) for the Indian market but in the International market the dialogues continue to remain the same as the International prints of the movie have already been disbursed.
 Commenting on the legal recourse, the petitioner said, “I am awaiting for a copy of the judgment and I plan to take a legal recourse in the matter; I can still approach the Supreme Court but it would be a futile exercise, my legal advisers, both in Goa and Delhi have advised me to watch the movie and then approach the court for ‘Contempt of Court’ as the producers have claimed to have deleted the objectionable parts, I have also asked my team in US, UK and Middle East to send me a report on the contents of the movie released in the International markets and will take further legal actions based on those reports, including approaching the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on this complete lack of apathy to the sentiments and virtues of the people of Goa,” he said.

Savio Rodrigues’ Message:
The people of Goa need to understand the lie and intent of the producers; more importantly the inefficiency of the Government of Goa in safe-guarding our interests.

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