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Govt. Considers Tax Reimbursement Scheme For Filmmakers

Entertainment Society of Goa Chief Executive Officer Manoj Srivastava disclosed that Government of Goa will consider a tax reimbursement scheme for filmmakers shooting in Goa, at the seminar on ‘India- The Big Picture’ organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Wednesday.
“We are trying to promote film shoots in Goa. Tax reimbursement scheme for the filmmakers shooting in the state is being worked out. We are considering an arrangement wherein half of the tax amount would be reimbursed to the filmmaker after he produces the bills and the film is ready,” said Srivastava.

The state is in the process of formulating the scheme which will be a major attraction for filmmakers to shoot in Goa, he said and expressed that the filmmakers would be largely benefited if central taxes are relaxed.
He said: “I am echoeing the sentiments of Yash Chopra. The filmmakers would largely benefit if the Central taxes are relaxed.” Yash Chopra during inaugural of IFFI 2010 had said that the central government had failed to support the film industry.
Earlier, in his inaugural remarks, CII’s Goa State Council Chairman Naveen Kapoor said that the film industry should be made aware of the new shooting locations. He also added that though Indian film industry has captive audience, there is a need for creating new audiences.

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