Govt Controversial Circular on Criminal Cases

GoaChronicle.com brings to its readers the circular of the Government of Goa wherein in criminal cases will be withdrawn which have arisen out of political agitation or during course of such agitation which is carried on for political reason, political issues or any such social/institutional issues…

Here is what the note from the Law Secretary Pramod Kamat stated, “In a meeting held in the Office of the Chief Minister in the presence of the Advocate General Atmaram Nadkarni, Director of Prosecution Shobha Dhumaskar on 15/05/2012 a discussion took place in respect of various criminal cases pending in the various courts in Goa against political agitators involving social issues.

In order to have a conducive atmosphere in the state, it was decided to the said cases involving political and social issues against all agitators irrespective of the political parties they involve.

Hence the Director of Prosecution is instructed to give instructions to all APPs to withdraw the cases pending in the various courts of Goa and to file appropriate application before the respective courts U/S of CrPC for withdrawal of such cases on behalf of the state.”

In the same note, Advocate General Atmaram Nadkarni makes a noting stating, “That government may issue a circular through the Director of Prosecution that the government is not to pursue criminal cases which have arisen out of political agitations or during the course of such agitation provided the cases are not very heinous crimes such a murder, rape, looting, robbery or other such serious offences. Agitation are normally carried on for political reasons, political issues or social/institutional issues such cases are fit enough pursued provided they are neither serious nor anything else other than political”

Following which a circular was issued on 29/05/2012 – 2-18-2012-DP/Cir/148 by the Director of Prosecution.


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