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Govt given seven days notice to crackdown on unauthorised Red Beacon

The Goa Government has today been given a week’s time to crackdown on the unauthorized use of red beacon by various authorities.

In separate complaints filed before the Director of Transport and the Superintendent of Police Traffic today, Adv. Aires Rodrigues has stated that if action is not taken against the violators he would be constrained to move the Bombay High Court at Goa for appropriate orders

Adv. Aires Rodrigues has in his complaint stated that the Chairman of the Goa Law Commission, NRI Commissioner, Goa Zilla Parishad Chairpersons and Chairpersons of various Municipalities amongst others were high handedly flashing the red beacon unauthorisedly and illegally.

Adv. Rodrigues has in his complaint drawn the attention that the Supreme Court recently has given the Central and State governments time till the second week of July to take remedial measures to drastically reduce the number of constitutional authorities who can use the red beacon light on their official vehicle and to also stop unauthorized use of the same.

In pursuance of powers under clause (iii) of proviso to rule 108 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, the State Government is empowered to notify as to who is permitted to use a red beacon.

In Goa by a notification dated 8th March 1994 the Governor, Chief Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Ministers, High Court Judges besides the North Goa and South Goa District Judges were allowed use of the red beacon. By that order the Chief Secretary, IGP, District Magistrates and SPs were also permitted the use of a red beacon.

Later after almost five years on 30th December 1999 the privilege was extended to the Advocate General of Goa. Over the years the list went on increasing to include the President of the Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, Deputy Chairman of the Goa State Planning Board, Mayor of Panaji, President of Administrative Tribunal,  Presiding officers  of Labour Court, Director of Prosecution, State Election Commissioner, President of Children’s Court and the Principal Secretary for the State of Goa.

Demanding that immediate steps be taken to stop all unauthorized use of the red beacon and to prosecute the violators in accordance with law, Adv. Rodrigues has pointed out that the then Chairman of the Goa State Pollution Board Dr L.U. Joshi had started high handedly and unauthorisedly using the red beacon while more recently the former controversial State Information Commissioner Dr Pradeep Padwal was also using the red beacon after he took charge of his office last year.


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