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Govt In Stupor Over DMD

The government appears to be a in stupor over the movie Dum Maro Dum that has raised quite a few heckles not only in Goa but also worldwide as it has not taken any concrete steps to find out what the movie is all about.
When the issue was first raised about a month-and-a-half back over its purported portrayal of Goa in bad light, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat had stated that the producers would screen the movie for the Goa Police, following which the government would decide on what to do.

However, the screening was not done and by then the promos of the movie were aired on television channels causing much anguish to many. Besides projecting Goa as a land where booze, drugs and sex is available, the movie denigrated women as its lead actress has a dialogue saying that booze is cheap in Goa, but women are cheaper.
The matter was raised in the Assembly by Nationalist Congress Party MLA Micky Pacheco and he was told by Tourism Minister Nilkanth Halarnkar and he along with the Chief Minister would take up the matter with the producers of the film.
However, till date nothing has been done even though the release date of the movie – 22nd April – is fast approaching.
Director of Tourism Swapnil Naik admitted that his department has not received any response from the Police over the issue despite they having written two letter to them.
Worse still is the fact that the police have not even contacted the producers of the film as revealed by its spokesperson Atmaram Deshpande who claimed to have no knowledge of any letter addressed by the police to either the producers or director of the movie.
Given the scenario, the public interest litigation filed by Goa Founder and Editor Savio Rodrigues, appears to be the only concrete action taken to protect the image of Goa.

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