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Govt. Inaction Encouraging Corruption

While the talathi at Quepem has been arrested for accepting a bribe to carry out mutation, the fact remains that this is a normal practice all over Goa and the one responsible for it is the Government for failing to implement the rules recommended by Goa Law Commission to curb this menace.
South Goa Collector G P Naik candidly admitted that there are innumerable complaints against talathis and mamlatdars accusing them of delaying mutation cases and pointed out that even a circular issued by him in May last is not adhered to by the concerned officials.

The Collector had asked all Mamlatdars to direct the talathis reporting to them, to return the mutation files to the Mamlatdar’s office within two days along with the report. Besides, he had also directed the mamlatdar to certify the mutation if the Vendor’s name tallies with the name in the Record of Land Index Form I & XIV.
Advocate Cleofato Coutinho, who was a member of the Law Commission revealed that the Commission had compiled a detailed set of rules with regards to mutation, which unfortunately are not yet implemented by the government.
“Unless those rules are implemented, time bound disposal of mutation cases will remain a dream,” he said.
Besides putting a system in place to ensure that mutation cases are disposed off within a certain time frame, there is also a need to provide penalties for erring officials, opined some of the citizens whose cases are languishing with the officers for years.
However, whether Chief Minister Digambar Kamat who likes to tom tom about his government being for the aam admi will act decisively to provide relief to the common man over this issue is to be seen.

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