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Govt puts a ‘Ban’ on Journalists

The Goa Government has banned reporters from the State Secretariat building complex when Cabinet meetings are in session.

Speaking to reporters at the State Secretariat, Parrikar said that the ban on journalists from State Secretariat premises had been taken via a formal Government decision because he “did not like being nagged”.

“I do not like being nagged when I am going into the Cabinet (meeting). The order stands because it is a Government decision. There is nothing wrong with it,” Parrikar said.

Parrikar’s move to ban reporters from the Secretariat has been termed as “condemnable” by the president of the Goa Union of Journalists (GUJ) president Pandurang Gaonkar.

“This is a wrong move. It is unfortunate because Parrikar projects himself as a transparent Chief Minister. What is there to hide in Cabinet meetings that journalists are being banned from even the premises they are held in?” Gaonkar said.


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