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Govt. School Students Boycott Classes

Students of Gaval Khol Primary School at Canacona boycotted their classes on Tuesday and their parents supported them wholeheartedly.

This action was taken to protest against the Education Department’s failure to take action against Kiran Dessai a teacher at the school who functions in a very arbitrary manner.

The charge against Kiran Dessai is that he is very erratic in his duties. Ghadu Vaiz  whose child is studying in the school disclosed that very often the students are asked to go home as early as 11 am, while students complained that the teacher cannot even teach them the elementary tables, which they are forced to learn from others.

Parent Teachers Association Chairman Jorgo Zaraonkar pointed out that primary education sets the base for the child’s further education. “If the teacher fails in creating the right base, then what future awaits these children,” he wondered.

Parents were adamant in their demand that the school be provided with a new teacher and said that unless this is done, they will not permit their children to attend classes.

However, ADEI Sharda Dessai said that a temporary solution will be worked out to resolve the issue and further promised that a special teacher would be appointed after the Diwali vacations.

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