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Govt Silent Bardez’s Rs 67 crore Water Scam

Goa government is quiet on the recent shocking revelations by Goa Su-Raj Party (GSRP) on the 2.22 cr cubic meters of unaccounted for water at Assnora Water Plant when computed totaling Rs 67 crore. reporter tried to get in touch with the PWD Minister as well the Principal Chief Engineer to no avail. The GC team also learned that yesterday afternoon the Principal Chief Engineer had called for an urgent meeting with the Junior Engineers and Executive Engineers from Mapusa & Porvorim to Panjim for a close-door meeting.

GSRP had exposed that in a reply to an RTI query, the Public Works Department has given us details of total water pumped from Assonora water treatment plant and some borewells. The Assonora WTP pumps approximately one lac cubic metres of water per day i.e. 30 lacs cubic metres of water per month to Bardez taluka.

In the financial year 2012-13 the total water pumped to Bardez taluka was 3,76,35,410 cubic metres. In addition, 2,54,184 cubic metres were supplied from various borewell schemes.

Thus the total water supplied to the people was 3,78,89,594 cubic metres. Whereas, the total units recovered from the consumers for the same year were only 1,55,90,855 cubic metres. Thus, the total unaccounted water during that year was 2,22,98,739 cubic metres.

Thus, if calculated on a day to day basis, the total water supplied by the PWD is 1,03,110 cubic metres of which only 42,018 cubic metres reach the consumers. The total unaccounted water in Bardez taluka is 61,092.5 cubic metres per day i.e. 6 crore, 10 lac litres per day.

In simple words, out of every 2.5 litres supplied by the government, only 1 litre reaches the consumer and 1.5 litres disappear in thin air.

When the PWD Department was asked to justify the losses to which they replied that they were not answerable to us.

If however the government claims that there is a leakage in the pipeline, then the ground water table in Bardez should have increased dramatically. But, today, in January, the wells in Bardez taluka are almost running dry. Further, 6.1 crore litres per day is a huge amount of water. A leakage of such magnitude could cause floods and wipe out villages. But even that is not happening. So where is the water going?

Investigations have found that many commercial establishments were consuming the water without paying the government. Thus, at a commercial consumer rate of Rs. 30 per cubic metre, the total loss to the state exchequer is worked at Rs. 66,89,62,710 per annum.

This loss of 67 crore per annum is the loss incurred by only one of the eleven talukas of Goa.
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