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Govt to hand-over Vasco rape case to CBI

After four-months of not being able to crack the case and nab the rapist, Goa government plans to hand-over the Vasco rape case of a seven-year old child in the Deepvihar School managed by Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) to the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI). This has been confirmed by informed sources in the government. has been trying to speak to the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to find out the reasons behind the decision of the government to hand-over the case to CBI and whether the Chief Minister would hold the Goa Police and its Crime Branch accountable for not being able to crack the case and nab the rapist.

Since the incident happened four-months ago, there has been no break-through by the Crime Branch. The Children’s Court too asked the Goa Police to book the head-mistress, class teacher and head-clerk under destruction of evidence. However, nothing much has moved on case, especially with a suspect named Monty featuring in the investigations.

When spoke to the rape survivor’s family, the father stated, that in the end they seek justice for their child and that the rapist Monty must be caught. “Maybe the Chief Minister has no faith in the Goa Police or its crime branch and therefore has decided to hand-over the case to CBI,” expressed the father.

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