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Govt to monitor fishing jetties


To ensure that terrorists do not enter the state by breaching coastal security, the state government has decided to restrict the number of ‘fish landing centres’ ( fishing jetties) in the state and also monitor it.
Therefore, on the recommendation of the Coastal Security Co-ordination Committee, the state government has designated the existing fish landing centres by notifying it and unlike in the past, fish landings at any landing centres other than the ones notified will not be permitted.

“It is now mandatory for fishing vessels to land their fish only at the notified landing centres,” said a recent order issued by director and ex-officio joint secretary (fisheries) S C Verenkar.
The fish landing centres in Goa that have been notified for mechanized fishing vessels are Chapora, Betim and Malim in North Goa and Cortalim, Khariwada, Cutbona, Betul and Talpona in South Goa. “It is necessary to monitor all the fish landing centres in the state and restrict the number of centres in the state from the point of view of coastal security,” the order added.


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