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“Govt will be forced to repeal Farm bills,” asserts Rahul Gandhi

Madurai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the BJP-led NDA government of conspiring to destroy the farmers and said the government will be forced to take back the Farm bills.

Talking to newsmen at Madurai airport after his brief visit to Tamil Nadu, Mr Gandhi said the Government is not just neglecting them (farmers), but conspiring to destroy them.

“There is a difference. Neglecting is you ignore them. They (government) are not ignoring the farmers. They are trying to destroy them, because they want to benefit two or three of their friends,” he said.

They want to give what belongs to the farmers to two or three of their friends. They want to take the land of the farmers, produce of the farmers and they want to give it to their friends.

“You are suppressing the farmers, you are helping handful of businesses,” he accused the Centre.

‘When Corona comes, you are not helping the farmers. You are not supporting the farmers. Who’s Prime Minister are you. Are you the Prime Minister of people of India or the Prime Minister of two to three selected Businessmen, Mr Gandhi asked Mr Modi.

Stating that he is very proud of the farmers and fully support them, the Congress leader said he will continue to stand with them.

“These laws the government will be forced to take them back,” he said.

Referring to the Indo-China standoff, Mr Gandhi asked why Mr Modi is completely silent about the fact that the Chinese troops were sitting inside Indian Territory.

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