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Govt’s Decision To Hike Power Tariff Will Affect Businesses Adversely: GCCI

The Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has strongly opposed that State Government’s decision to hike power tariff for the industry and will be taking up the matter with the joint electricity regulatory authority.

GCCI President Manguirish Pai Raikar said the hike will affect the businesses adversely as the industries in the state are already under immense pressure.

He also suggested that the state government should recover money from the politicians, who were responsible in slack functioning of the power department.

In the recent state budget, Parrikar had announced a hike of power rate from 18 paisa to 20 paisa on the usage above 250 units, which would affect only the industries. The domestic sector was spared of the hike.

Raikar said power scenario in the last few years had worsened and further added that the Congress-led government was responsible for not buying spares in time, which resulted in constant breakdowns and losses to the department.

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