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GPCC keen to resume mining, AICC in no mood

While the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) and its representative MLAs are of a very firm opinion that the mining operations in the state must resume as early as possible in the benefit of the state and people, especially those that are mining-dependent; the All India Congress Committee at the Centre, however, does not share a similar view and prefer to stay firm to its stand on the mining issue; therefore the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) is not expected to change its notification on the suspension of environment clearances to mines in Goa; thereby stalling the resumption of mining operations in the state.

Not known to many but the decision taken by the Union Minister of MoEF, Jayanthi Natarajan to suspend the EC clearance was a decision taken by the AICC without consultation with the locals leaders or senior members of GPCC, who many at the Centre feel are entrenched in the illegal mining scam and might tend to support the BJP-led government in the state on the issue.

The GPCC president’s Subash Shirodkar’s attempt to silence some of the Congress spokesperson from speaking against the state-government on the issue of illegal mining, has not been appreciated by the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and many at AICC feel that this sign of weakness and reluctance shown by the Congress leaders in the state only further indicates the common nexus that lie between corrupt politicians that are interlinked across party lines.

AICC sources reveal that the Centre is expected to tighten the noose around the state government on mining, in particular around the mining dumps and any attempt by the state to act contrary to Centre is expected to cause further deterioration of Centre and state-relationships with legal implications. The GPCC however is expected on the behest of mining-affected people is to make a representation to the Centre to have a sympathetic attitude and resume the mining operations. Centre however is expected to turn a deaf ear.

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