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GPCC Secretary resigns amidst politicking

The All India Congress Committee appointed Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) secretary Smith Mathews has put forth his resignation to the AICC Goa Desk-in-Charge Jagmeet Singh Brar citing reasons of anti-party activities rampant in the Goa Congress unit.

According to sources in GPCC, Smith Mathews was appointed by Brar and asked to function in the GPCC during the time of the Goa Assembly Elections. However, constant difference of opinions between local Congress leaders and Mathews led to a decline in relationships between the GPCC members and Mathews (who is not of Goan origin). Mathews, attributes the volatility to the relationship due to the fact that he has exposed a lot of the anti-party activities conducted by senior Congress party leaders and also raised issues of the embezzlements of GPCC office-bearers including the President, Subash Shirodkar.

GPCC senior leaders however have a different opinion of Mathews and have even stated that he was misusing his party official status to indulge in wheeling-dealing for key positions in the state GPCC or works that needed Centre clearance. And that GPCC has received three complaints on this nature.

Yesterday, GPCC sources reveal that there was a serious altercation between Shirodkar and Mathews, for the latter questioning him on the appointment of Sudip Tamankar as Congress Spokesperson without AICC approval and also about Tamankar targeting Congress leaders. Shirodkar, however, exercised his Presidential status and expelled Mathews from the GPCC Office. He even told the staff to not allow Mathews to enter the office.

Mathews, has learnt has sent his resignation letter to Brar and also a detailed report on the incident and the anti-party activities to Congress President Sonia Gandhi.


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