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GPCC Working President ‘Tongue-Twisted’ on Sri Ram Sena

Even while some Congress leaders, NGOs and civil society at large have asked for a ban on the controversial organisation Sri Ram Sena, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC), Working President and Congress MP, Francisco Sardinha has decided to first take a soft stand against the Sri Ram Sena stating that if they are here to do social work then the should be allowed, however, after the criticism from different political factions in the state and civil society, Sardinha decided to change his stance and also advocate a ban on the controversial group.

This change in stance is seen by many in the political circle as a syndrome of a foot-in-the-mouth disease of the MP, who is known to shot his mouth off and later retracting his statements. It is also exposes a complete lack of unity in the Congress party in state, with different leaders speaking a language of banning the Sri Ram Sena group and its Working President stating otherwise. Some in the political circle attribute Sardinha’s stance to be different from rival and Curtorim MLA Reginald Lourenco’s stance in order to show supremacy. However, even leaders in the AICC found the MPs stance ridiculous and without taking into account the secular image of the party and its stance on Hindutva elements.

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