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GPF suggests revival of Goa Public Men’s (Prevention of Corruption) Commission

Goa People’s Forum (GPF) has suggested that pending the appointment of Lokayukta, the Goa government should revive the Goa Public Men’s (Prevention of Corruption) Commission set up under the Goa Public Men’s Corruption (Investigation & Enquiries) Act.

The GPF has recalled that the three-member commission was headed by retired high court judge but it became defunct after the members retired, and the government of the day (BJP government) did not fill the vacancies and instead announced its desire to establish a Lokayukta.

he GPF has pointed out that such a stop-gap arrangement aimed at giving people an anti-corruption mechanism for grievances and complaints against Public Men’s acts of commission and omission, independent of the government, would not require any assent of the central government and a mere notification from the Goa government to revive the commission would suffice, GPF convenor Satish Sonak said.

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