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GPYC General Secretary Resigns, alleges Senior AICC leaders ‘managed’ by local leaders

The general secretary of the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress (GPYC) Jitesh Kamat has resigned and letter of his resignation has been forwarded to the President of GPYC Pratima Coutinho. In copy of the letter which is in possession, Kamat lists down nine important reasons for his resignations, which are as follows:

1. Not a single Youth Congress office bearer has been given candidature for the forthcoming Assembly Elections 2012.
2. Promotion of dynasty politics in the party.
3. Lack of loyal chain to convey our messages to high command and our grievances are taken for granted by the office bearers of IYC.
4. Indian Youth Congress & All India Youth Congress office bearers are “managed” by some local leaders.
5. During Youth Congress elections, I was the only person to raise voice against misappropriation in election process by LRO, ZRO etc but no inquiry was initiated.
6. Also, I was the only person to file a written complaint against Dynasty politics in the YC elections and YC Election commission had done a farce by initiating a strict action against the accused    but   later on every demand was fulfilled offering high position in the Party & also a candidature in the assembly elections.
7. Taking cognizance of my complaint, every congress legislature deliberately worked against me so that I should be systematically sidelined from the party and should not secure a topmost post in the YC.
8. Youth Congress loyal office bearers have been totally neglected during campaign.
9. Congress has been totally handed over to few leaders who have ditched the party in the past.

      A copy of his resignation letter has been forwarded to IYC office and even to Rahul Gandhi and some senior leaders in the AICC.

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