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GRA a political rally, not people movement

As highlighted by in our editorial, even before the dust could settle on its apolitical stance and people change movement; Goemchea Rakhondarancho Awaz while blaming all the present legislators for the ills facing Goa and Goans, announced its plans to contest the next elections to give people a choice of electing as they claimed “good persons”. It is no surprise then that the church did not openly support this movement because of the political undercurrents that were felt.

And while the rally did draw a decent crowd, the question is whether they were attending a people movement or a political movement spread headed by GRA as a front for aspiring, struggling and retiring politicians.
Various speakers highlighted the various problems facing Goa and Goans and squarely blamed the legislators for the current situation while advocating the stance to join their political movement. While the ruling dispensation was charged with selling Goa and Goans’ interest, the opposition was accused of being mute spectators to the degeneration.
Hence there was a call given to reject the present legislators at the next elections which was dramatized with a coffin being carried through the crowd symbolizing the resting place for all of them. Pilerne Citizens’ Forum President Prakash Bandodkar while addressing the gathering revealed that GRA would field candidates at the next assembly elections and urged people to identify good persons to represent them.
And to set the agenda for the next elections, the rally resolved demanding special status to Goa in order to protect its identity, culture and ethos and also demanded immediate constitution of the Lok Ayukta to fight the rapidly growing incidents of corruption in public life.
Besides, a strong plea was made to sanitise the electoral rolls of the State to get rid of voters enrolled by politicians as part of their vote bank politics and in the same breath it was also resolved to take necessary steps to enable non-resident Goans to participate in the electoral process.
Special Economic Zone, mega housing projects providing second homes to non-Goans, increasing migrant population, providing of ration cards and voting rights to non-Goans, non-availability of jobs for Goans, double speak on Regional Plan 2021, prohibitive land prices for Goans, problems due to mining, widening of the National Highways, dynastic politics, irregular water and electricity supply were some of the issues highlighted at the meeting.

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