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GRA Margao Rally: Same Old Wine

The rally called for by Goemchea Rakhondarancho Awaz at Lohia Maida on Friday proved to be a damp squib as the crowd turnout was quite disappointing. Even though the organizers had placed 750 chairs quite a number of them were empty and according to those present the attendance was only around 500.
The reason for the slump in attendance from the impressive crowd they had managed to get at Azad Maidan on 15th March are many with the main one being that GRA failed to do the necessary spade work to mobilize crowds.

There is no disputing the fact that GRA’s intentions are noble and their heart beats rightly for Goa. However, the leadership appears to be floundering in making their ideals acceptable to the masses as they apparently are incapable of going to the grass root level to create mass awareness.
Even though GRA claimed to be behind the Caurem villagers agitation, not many residents of that village were present at Lohia Maidan. In fact, the same can be said about the various  village groups whose representatives were present, but the villagers were absent.
In fact, Gajanan Naik from Nerul in his address admitted that his villagers were yet to arrive at the venue.
After the 15th March meeting, GRA were supposed to go to the villages to create awareness amongst the people. This has not happened and is proposed to be taken up now and that is the reason why the crowd could not be present on Friday as they were not motivated sufficiently to attend the meeting.
Besides, the date was a wrong choice. This is the week when Catholic households are being blessed and Margao being the capital of Salcete that is dominated by Catholics, many could not attend the meeting as they had to be at home for the blessing of their houses.
It is time the GRA pulls up its socks if they are determined to make an impact and bring about the change in the political set up by going to the grass roots rather than treating the mission as a boardroom discussion exercise.

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