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Gram Sabha Opposes MPT’s Marina Project

The Gram Sabha of Curca-Telaulim-Bambolim that met on Sunday unanimously resolved against MPT’s proposed marina at the Nauxi waterfront on grounds that it would adversely affect the traditional fishing activities of the villagers.
The villagers also argued that the waterfront would spell ecological disaster to the village as it require dredging of the river and construction on the waterfront both of which would affect the flow of water. Besides, gambling and prostitution would spring up in the area once the marina gets operational they argued.
The villagers directed the Panchayat to send letter objecting to the project to statutory bodies including the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority and the ministers for Environment of Goa Government and Union Government.

The encroachment by a hotel on the natural storm water drain was also hotly debated at the gram sabha. Villagers pointed out that by constructing retaining walls, the hotelier had reduced the width of the storm water drain from five meters to two meters as a result of which there is water logging upstream.
In fact some of the villagers who used to cultivate the fields pointed out that while earlier they could harvest two crops, now they can cultivate only one crop as their fields are waterlogged since the natural flow of water is blocked.
The villagers demanded that the Panchayat intervene immediately and stop the hotelier from covering the drain constructed by him.
Incidentally, quite a number of the villagers had to stand outside the Panchayat office for the meeting as the space proved to be totally inadequate for the large crowd. While earlier gram sabha meetings were held in the government school premises, this time it was held in the Panchayat office itself as the Panchayat failed to obtain the required permission from the ADEI to use the school premises.


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