‘Gravity Ecommerce’ Bridging Local Businesses to Global Customers

  • Offers 360-degree Ecommerce consultancy services to diverse industry players seeking to grow business
  • Provides advisory services to small and medium entrepreneurs, manufacturers and sellers to help them enter local and global markets
  • Aids local manufacturers position their products in their own names rather than relying on established retail brands

Gravity Ecommerce is a new-age consultancy firm that is helping product manufacturers and sellers of diverse categories and sizes to garner maximum revenue through optimal online targeting. The company employs big data and analytics tools to help manufacturers and sellers strategize a roadmap to attract national and global buyers. Founder and CEO of Gravity Ecommerce, Chandra Prakash Shukla found tremendous opportunity in the supply chain management of Ecommerce giants and realises how small-medium businesses could tap this advantage to expand their product reach.

Chandra Prakash Shukla, Founder and CEO of Gravity Ecommerce

The company was founded in 2017 and within three years of operations, it has already educated hundreds of manufacturers and sellers about the potential of international markets and have embarked them on a journey of steep growth curve. With the right tools, he provides advisory services to manufacturers to create products that have high demand in the global markets. Moving on, the company focused on empowering manufacturers who were selling high-quality products under popular brands and hence were losing a high percentage of profit. He helped such manufacturers learn the art of branding and communication so that they feel confident to sell their own products in independent and authentic brand names rather than choosing established brands to sell their products. “Making sellers believe in the true value of their products was one of the biggest challenges for us. New sellers used to hesitate when we tried to showcase their value as compared to those of their peers. With perseverance we have been able to successfully overcome this challenge and have played a key role in boosting business.” The company helps manufacturers brand their own products and onboard it on the Ecommerce platforms. It also manages their seller portals to remove their dependency on other brand owners selling their products.

Gravity Ecommerce has emerged as the trusted resource for end-to-end Ecommerce consultancy services including launching, listing, content management, promotion, marketing, branding, business development for national and global marketplaces. The brand takes pride in uplifting business for small and medium industries, start-ups, entrepreneurs, exporters, traders and sellers by helping them identify the right markets for their products and analysing customer expectations. The company has graduated from onboarding 10 clients to 30-40 clients on a weekly basis, showcasing its exponential growth. Its customer retention has been ~92% portraying the level of trust that clients place on its services. The company envisions to become a global consultancy services firm for B2B and B2C clients

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