Greenply Industries Launches Wood Crrests Premium Veneers and Rewards Architects to Travel for a Futuristic Design Rendezvous at “Design Shanghai Show”

Greenply has launched its new product – Wood Crrests veneers for the ultra premium design solutions. Made from the finest timber, the veneers are made from raw material sourced from locations across the world. The veneers are manufactured to give an artistic spin to premium living. A Range of 600+ exquisite decorative veneer surfaces in avatars of Natural, Glazed, Solitaire, Roasted, Dyed, High definition, Creative Arts and many more.

The product though available in retail will be exclusively showcased to the Architect and Interior Designer community, which constitutes the large influencer segment for Greenply, India’s largest Interior Infrastructure company. The company has been at the forefront of this category accounting for over 26% of ‘branded category’ market share.

Greenply has been ramping up its marketing initiatives with the purpose of consolidation and achieving the objective to be more precise in its communication to its influencing channels.

The Architects and design community being the primary design influencers for living and work spaces, it is imperative for a brand to successfully engage them and its initiative ‘Green Access’ has focused on building a strong fraternity of design professionals. If the numbers are anything to go by, over 3,000 accomplished architects in 61 cities across India participate and cherish this initiative.

‘Green Access’ emphasizes on collaboration with the Architects for the purpose of achieving the mission of beautifying urban architecture in India. The government’s focus on smart cities has further elevated the need of this partnership and emphasizing on finding a renewed focus on creating landmark designs at par with global standards.

Subir Palit, Country Head, Greenply

Subir Palit, Country Head, Greenply, explained, “How the program for over four years has progressed on an ideology and roadmap for extending the Greenply products in Architect/ID’s recommendations for quality interiors with modern styling and functionalities.” He further added, “It was imperative for us to take an initiative in this direction and how this community has been beautifully engaged by the Brand in pursuit of re-exploring the traditional partnership between manufacturers and influencing channels which have been seeking innovation and a potential rebirth.”

At the occasion, Shyam Shekhawat, Business Head, Decoratives announced that Greenply Industries launched the first edition of its ambitious initiative – CrrestFest 2019-20 and created a landmark moment to reward Architects for a curated visit to Design Shanghai – the world’s most prestigious international design events. For years, Design Shanghai, has broken new ground by being one of the largest galleries of path-breaking designs and providing insights into futuristic design patterns. The show will attract Architects, Interior designers, real estate developers from across the globe.

Sumit Chandna, Chief Operating Officer at Evolve Brands, a leading Loyalty engagement company who conceived and manage the Green Access initiative for Greenply said, “We are delighted that our strategy and go to market plan helped the brand to excel in the desired direction and the commitment of the brand towards its influencing channels is what will be the differentiator when brands strive for market share leading to customer excellence.”

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