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GSCW Dragging Its Feet

The Goa State Commission for Women is apparently not functioning well given the fact that during the last year it completed only 30 of the 222 cases registered with it. Headed by Ezilda Sapeco, the Commission was expected to give quick justice to victimized women, but this goal appears to be far from achieved.
At the moment, the Commission is hearing 181 cases including the crucial inter-state trafficking case involving a high profile owner of a beauty parlour accused of procuring girls from the North Eastern State with promises of lucrative jobs but actually forcing them into the flesh trade.

Interestingly, although the Commission did not get involved in the much publicized Nadia Torrado case, it did take up the case of the minor girl from Bicholim fed Ratol by her relatives. However, the report in this case is not yet ready.

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