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GSCW Role Questioned

Bailancho Ekvott has expressed surprise over the manner in which the Goa State Women’s Commissioning in functioning particularly in the two recent cases involving girls from outside Goa being lured with offers of job in a beauty parlour but forced into prostitution.
While in one case, the victimised girls were brought from Manipur and in the other the girls were brought from Indonesia. In both cases, the state authorities swung into action only after the Deputy Superintendent of Police from Manipur and the Indonesian consulate in Mumbai complained to the Goa police.
Bailancho Ekvott noted with concern that the GSWC has not yet completed its enquiry into either of these cases, while in another case, involving a parlour from Porvorim, it showed great haste.

Bailancho Ekvott President Auda Viegas pointed out that the GSWC chairperson even visited the protective home to record the statement of the victims from the Porvorim parlour with media representatives in tow.
“It is important to note that the role of the Commission is to ensure that the rights of the victims are protected and not to advocate the case of the accused,” said Auda.
While asserting that such beauty parlours are owned by influential and well connected people, she said it was not surprising that some politician is trying to shield the owner of the parlour where the Indonesian girls were recruited.
In view of the recent developments, which she said has brought ill repute to Goa, Auda has demanded that the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit of Goa Police visit the monitor the beauty parlours in Goa with help from NGOs, besides also demanding that the government lays down a policy with regards to recruitment of girls from other states and countries in beauty parlours.
She has also demanded that the Directorate of Women & Child Development convene a meeting with Sub-Divisional Magistrates, NGOs and GSCW to discuss the issue.

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