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GSIA to submit report on vacant land for Industrial Estates

Long after the state government was reminded of the lack of land and power in Goa to attract new industry, the lacuna still exists.
But the task force of industry experts, having done their study, will shortly present their report to the government on how to reclaim unutilized land in Goan industrial estates and suggest measures on how to reallot the land.
The Goa small industries association (GSIA) is one of the members of the task force along with the Goa chamber of commerce and industry, the confederation of Indian industries and others. The task force, headed by secretary of industries, was set up by the government to look into the issue of unutilized land in industrial estates and suggest measures for their proper utilization.
GSIA president Shekhar Sardesai told on Sunday that the task force has surveyed all industrial estates and identified the unutilized plots. “Our report will be ready in a few weeks. We will submit it to the government and it is upto the government to implement it,” Sardesai said.

Sardesai lamented that the conditions in Goa are still not conducive to set up new industry or for the expansion of existing industry. While the issue of land is being thrashed out by the task force, the government has assured industry captains that it will buy additional 40 MW of power soon. The government has reportedly assured industry people that the power advisory committee has cleared the file and that tenders have even been floated.
“Still, a lot needs to be done to boost industry in Goa,” said Sardesai. “Goa needs an investment promotion board. But then without land to give or power to offer, what will the board offer to attract industries to Goa,” he added.
He said that the industrial policy is not good enough because it does not clearly identify the kind of industry the state desires to promote. “Not only should the desirable industry be clearly spelt out, but, special preferences must be offered to this industry to attract it to the state,” Sardesai said, adding that all other states are doing just that.
“They are wooing industry. We are driving industry away and in the present conditions, even existing industries will migrate away from Goa. There are examples of this already,” Sardesai said.

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