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Gurumurthy speaks to Arnab; Warns Critics Underestimating Rajinikanth’s Spiritual Politics

Thuglaq Editor & political analyst S Gurumurthy hailed Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth’s political plunge and warned naysayers to not underestimate the value of ‘spiritual politics’ pitched by the actor-turned-politician to a ‘religious Tamil Nadu’. Speaking to Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on Nation Wants To Know, S Gurumurthy opined that one needed to study Tamil Nadu politics from 1973 to gauge the impact of Rajinikanth’s entry into politics. The RSS ideologue pointed out that Rajinikanth’s pitch for spiritual politics was an appeal to a religious Tamil Nadu against the atheist Dravidian parties and called it a fantastic formulation by the superstar.

Elaborating on the need to know the history of Tamil Nadu politics, Gurumurthy recollected that a ‘chemical change’ had taken place in the electoral politics in 1973 after MGR’s split from the DMK. The Thuglaq Editor noted that all the anti-DMK votes found their way to MG Ramachandran despite the Congress being a strong party at that time in the state, leading the AIADMK to become a semi-national party. Gurumurthy used MGR’s example to cite how Rajinikanth’s spiritual politics pitch was relevant in the present political scenario in Tamil Nadu.

“In 1973, there were two poles – DMK and Congress. Congress had 39% votes and the DMK had 43-44% votes. When MGR was thrown out of DMK, everyone thought Congress would emerge as number one as DMK was divided. But what happened then was stunning. A chemical change took place in politics at that time. MG Ramachqanfran got 50% plus votes”, Gurumurthy said speaking to Arnab Goswami, explaining that the anti-DMK votes went to MGR instead of the Congress. 

Further, Gurumurthy said that the risk of the anti-DMK and anti-AIADMK votes going to Rajinikanth was high. He also highlighted that millions across the state were celebrating Rajinikanth’s political plunge and that no other party could organize hundreds of cadre without paying money. Gurumurthy also predicted Rajinikanth to have close ties with the BJP as he needed to have a friendly central government when he came to power in the state. He also predicted Tamil Nadu politics to take surprising turns in the run-up to the polls and that no party was any longer a fortress.

“This has been the longing of Tamil Nadu. They wanted relief from this atheist, anti-Hindu, anti-national, oppressive politics by a person who will directly confront it. Don’t underestimate Rajinikanth’s capacity”, Gurumurthy said. 


Via Republic World
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