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Guv Not Confident Of AG?

Information obtained under the Right to Information reveal that it was Goa Governor Dr. S S Sidhu who recommended using the services of Solicitor General Gopal Subramaniam in the RTI appeal as it was an important matter that needed to be defended properly.

What this implies is that the Governor did not have the confidence that Advocate General Subodh Kantak would be able to handle the matter.

Secretary to Governor Rajeev Verma moved a note on 30th May 2011 asking that Solicitor General be appointed in this matter. This was subsequent to a meeting the Governor had with Subodh Kantak, Adv. Carlos Ferreira and Adv. Mahesh Sonak on 27th May 2011 where it was decided by them that Solicitor General was the best bet.

After Verma moved the note, on 1st June 2011 Kantak gave his written consent following which the Chief Minister’s approval was sought by the Law Secretary on 13th June and a formal letter was addressed to the Union Ministry of Law and Justice on 5th July seeking orders authorizing the Solicitor General to appear on behalf of the Goa Government before the Bombay High Court at Goa.

Interestingly, while the Law Secretary offered to pay the necessary fees to the Solicitor General of India, payment of his other expenses like travelling, lodging and boarding are not referred to.

While initially the order was issued enabling the Solicitor General of India to appear on behalf of the Governor, the same was subsequently modified to enable him to appear on behalf of the Special Secretary to the Governor as the Governor is not a party to the petition before the High Court which has been filed by his special secretary.

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