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Guv Pitches For Infrastructure Development

Governor Dr. S S Sidhu in his Republic Day address at the Parade Grounds, Campal on Wednesday emphasized on the need to improve the infrastructure in Goa and particularly touched upon the National Highway widening and the Dabolim airport.
He called for dispelling the doubts and fears in the minds of the people over the National Highway expansion and stressed that one has to take the future requirements of the State rather than deciding upon these issues in a short sighted manner.
He referred to the over 300 deaths due to accidents in Goa to further his argument for the National Highway widening saying that broader and better roads would reduce the accidents and therefore save lives.

Seeking to allay apprehensions about the phasing out of Dabolim airport for civilian purposes once the Mopa airport gets operational, the Governor assured that the upgradation and expansion of the Dabolim airport should be completed by June next year next year.
Pointing out that the work has already commenced, he said maintaining international competitiveness was critical to retain Goa’s position as the world’s favourite tourist destination.
The Governor said that the Mopa airport once completed in five years will be able to cope with the projected passenger and cargo traffic by that time.
He also stressed the need to expand tourism activities in Goa to the hinterland from the present focus on coastal tourism which attracts 90 per cent of the visitors to the State.
In the same breath he listed out the various steps taken by the government to protect the environment particularly in the mining sector.
The Governor who is also the Chancellor of the Goa University, said the Academic Audit Committee constituted to take stock of the present educational set up in the State and suggest what needs to be done, will help Goa place itself in its right position as far as education is concerned.

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