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GVP – UGDP alliance slowly becoming a joke

During the launch of the Goa Vikas Party, the Supremo Francisco (Mickky) Pacheco announced that the party will be fielding 40 candidates in the coming assembly elections; and he expected to that with forming alliances with other regional parties. However, today with an alliance solely with the United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP), the combine seats on this alliance is only 17 seats. And in some cases GVP candidates will be competiting with UGDP candidates.

On being questioned during the launch of the GVP manifesto, Pacheco said, “I wanted for UGDP and GVP to combine more effectively. All our efforts to work on that have not reached the desired results. But our alliance is on in this format. In some constituencies we are together and in some we will have friendly fights.

Cortalim GVP candidate, Nelly Rodrigues, expressed her disappointment in the fact that UGDP had betrayed her and GVP, when it came to the Cortalim seat and put up their own candidate. But she also added that the UGDP candidate did not deter her chances at the polls.

With the GVP-UGDP alliance to formal continues to remain in a tail-spin, it will be left to be seen, whether the end up working for the benefit of each other or against each other.

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