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Half of the elections have made TMC’s complete washout certain: Modi

Kalyani: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said half of the elections have made TMC’s complete washout certain.

Addressing a public meeting here, Mr Modi said Bengal people have decided that on May 2, Didi will go and BJP will come.

“Understand the power of your vote. Your one vote to BJP can help in crediting Rs 18,000 in bank account of the poor,” the PM said.

“Didi didn’t conduct any municipal elections and gave all power to tolabaazs,” he alleged.

“We are working on “Har ghar Jal’, without any tolabaaz,” Mr Modi said.

He said killing the people of Bengal for their political interests, plundering the people of Bengal to benefit their toola-baaz, betrayal of the people of Bengal to make their syndicate powerful, this is the report-card of Didi’s 10 years of work.”

The Prime Minister said because of people like Didi, visions of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee couldn’t be fulfilled.

“Didi you can insult SCs by calling them beggars but for BJP their respect of utmost importance,” he said.

“This is Didi’s planning that OBCs, Dalits do not vote. It is said openly that TMC people will gherao central forces. But Didi, listen carefully you are not given the right to snatch a vote from anybody,” Mr Modi said.

“Perturbed with fear of losing, Didi and her party are crossing all lines. Her people are abusing SCs, STs, OBCs only because they support BJP. Seeing her defeat, Didi has strategised to stop them from voting and facilitate her goons to rig votes,” he alleged.

“We aim to make Kalyani and other places nearby into ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Your demand for an AIIMS has been fulfilled. Didi had to just join AIIMS to the station but she couldn’t even do that. If a poor is sick, should he get help or not? Every government should do it or not? Indian government is ready to spend Rs 5 lakh, but Didi didn’t let that happen also. Why is she angry at the poor? The PM questioned.

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