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Happy Bangles Day!

Time to celebrate ‘Happy Bangles Day’
We Goans should be ashamed in every way
A seven-year old girl in school is raped
The crime under political clout is draped

Politicians, activists had much to say
After their games they called it a day
Nobody cared if the rapist was caught
And till now to justice he has not been brought

Media too had rushed to play their games
Put their tail between their legs, when they heard of powerful names
Such are the acts in India these times
Its about the dimes and not the heinous crimes

Even the religious were in a state of trance
Even to condemn the act they did not want to take a chance
They stretched their arms to pray for the rapist, friends and family
And could care less about the seven-year old girl and her tragedy

The crime branch of course takes the cake
For all the concocted stories to protect the rapist they bake
In court they were the best defense for the rapist
They did not even provide for the young girl a psychiatrist

Then came the politically motivated one-act NGO called PAAI
Turned the case to SC/ST angle, God knows why!
Adding further confusion to the investigations
Sucking the family into its political machinations

So on PAAI’s advice the family took the bait
Girl to get Rs 5lacs plus interest on 18th birth-date
CBI brought into case, Goa police dropped
All legal pursuits at Goa-level stopped

The family realized their mistake
Now all decision without PAAI family to take
CBI fussing over table, chairs and lady constable
To catch the rapist, they have not been able

On ‘Laadlis’ and ‘Laxmis’, Goa CM spoke a lot
After about a few weeks this little ‘Laadli’ with not much ‘Laxmi’ he forgot
All the girl wanted was for him to see the magnitude of the crime
But to meet her or the family he had no time.

I have termed this as ‘Happy Bangles Day’
And I don’t care to me what people have to say
A seven-year child was raped last year
She was not ours, but someday it could be our ones dear

We should all wear bangles and shave our heads in shame
We had no courage to fight for this child’s justice claim
Remember that there is a heinous rapist out there
Who will just rape your child and not care.

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