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Has CM rejected MV Horseshoe license?

Though the Chief Minister in the run-up to the BJP National Executive meet in Goa appears to have doused the Casino fire with stating that ‘government has rejected the permission to operate a casino on MV Horseshoe’, the issue still seems to be fraught with confusion.

When spoke senior-most officials at Delta Corp on the issue and CM’s statement of ‘rejecting the casino operating license’ they also seemed confused about the issue of granting or rejecting the license. “Ours is a replacement vessel and not a new license. We have to submit our certificates for the new vessel and we will do that,” expressed a senior official on condition of anonymity.

MV Horseshoe (Deltin Royale) is replacing the Casino Caravela which is being moved out of the Mandovi. The operating license which was given to Delta Corp to operate Casino Caravela still exists only now it will be MV Horseshoe being the vessel, the license continues to exist.

Delta Corp hand initially planned to operate three off-shore casinos with two license already existing – one being Casino Royale and the other being Casino Caravela, and they had set in process the clearance of a third casino license during the previous Congress government. However, when the Parrikar-led government took a decision to stop issuing casino operating license, Delta Corp management decided to move the Casino Caravela ship out, and use its license for its new casino Deltin Royale (MV Horseshoe).

Casino licenses in Goa are issued to the company not to a vessel or Casino operations, expressed a senior government official when questioned. This was further corroborated with speaking to Delta Corp and even representatives of Ketrapal-owned Casino Pride.

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