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Has India become “Partly-free” under the Modi Government?

The World’s largest democracy is seeing a downfall when it comes to “freedom and democracy”. In a report published by a US-based NGO, “Freedom House”, India has now fallen from 71 to 67 in the Freedom index and is labelled as “Partly free”.

 In their report, it was explicitly stated that the ranking is solely based upon the “political rights” and “civil liberties” in a particular territory.  While they go on to talk about freedom of expression, freedom of religion and discriminatory policies, the report presents a preconceived notion against Hindus and presumably Hindu Nationalist, Bharatiya Janata Party.  

 If we take a look at the statements mentioned in their report, one can’t help but scoff at the blatant misinformation being spread in the name of Freedom in the world. The “key Developments” included in the document, on the basis of which they managed to label India as “partially free” is nothing but an indicative report of how the White supremacists work on an agenda to defame India’s image and are how intimidated they are by the Nationalist ideologies of Prime minister, Narendra Modi.

 With blatant disregard of India’s sovereignty, each and every word in the report aims to intensify the “Anti-Muslim” portrayal of the country that has conspired after Modi came to power in 2014.

 -To point out, the very first reason stated is well-defined evidence of falling prey to propaganda and misinformation. The anti-Hindu riots that took place during the CAA protest, has been given the name of communal violence against Muslims. Their narrative is further deceived when they state that the victims killed were mostly Muslims. While out of the identified victims, 14 were Muslims and 11 were Hindus.

 -They further state the arrest of Urban Naxals, who were the key players in the anti-CAA riots, and chanted the slogans of breaking India into pieces, as a breach of freedom of expression.

 -In the third point, it is stated that the BJP government created hardships for migrant workers by imposing untimely lockdown. But what this report doesn’t tell is, how over 50% of migrant workers and 74% of rural Indians were satisfied with the way the Modi Government handled the pandemic. In a survey by “Gaon connection”, it was stated that, “On being asked whether the Modi government’s attitude towards migrant workers during the lockdown had been good or bad, 73 percent or over seven out of ten respondents interviewed in rural areas of the country said it had been good (29 percent said very good and 44 percent rated it as well).”

 In another survey by “Gaon Connection”, it was said that, amongst the household owing ration cards, approximately 71% received rice and wheat from the government.

 What is most distressing is how instead of commending the Indian Government’s leadership in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, they have given it a communal angle by saying that Muslims were blamed for widespread exposure to the virus. But what “Freedom House’s” report completely side-lines is the mass gatherings of Tablighi Jamaat at the Markaz Nizamuddin in Delhi which was responsible for the transmission of the virus. And not to forget, the illicit and repulsive behaviour towards the healthcare workers and government officials. Who were merely performing their duties?

 -The last point that they have mentioned about Babri Masjid being demolished for the construction of a Hindu Temple is nothing but heights of ignorance and flagrant Hindu-phobia. Many elite scholars, including several Islamic historians, have asserted in coherent and lucid that Babri Masjid was constructed on the remains of Hindu Temples.

 This obvious disinformation in the report by “Freedom House”, reflects the ability of the left to mould and twist history to fit their narrative. Their propaganda about India losing its freedom does not even seem rational on the paper, to say it would influence the minds of us Indians is a no cause.

Isha Jain

Columnist, Goa Chronicle

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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