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Has the second covid-19 wave died down?

With the declining number of daily cases of the COVID-19 infection, increasing daily recoveries and the rapidly reducing active caseload in India, is it okay to be complacent yet again? Something just like what happened after the first wave’s numbers dwindled? Is the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India over?

For the last 10 days at a stretch, India has seen less than 2 lakh daily cases of the COVID-19 infection. In the last 24 hours, 1.14 lakh cases were registered. This is definitely in stark difference to the horror-inducing numbers which were coming up during the peak of the second COVID-19 wave. After two months of devastation, this is undoubtedly some good news for the country, its people, and most importantly, for the frontline workers and medical fraternity. But, has everything turned hunky-dory? Can we sit back and have a laid-back attitude regarding the pandemic? Is it that India can now officially bid adieu to the second wave? Has the second COVID-19 wave died down?

One thing about the second wave which can categorically be stated is that the peak of the second wave is over. We hit the same during early to mid-May. The numbers are thus declining. But another thing can be said with utmost surety, we are still amidst a global pandemic and there’s nothing about which we can become complacent. There is heterogeneity among the Indian states. Some parts of the country are still peaking and the others are witnessing a reduction in numbers.

Looking at how India is currently poised, it can be concluded that India has definitely come out of what was the devastating and the worst phase of the second wave, but at the same time, we cannot relax and the wave is surely not over. In the northeast, all states except Assam are still seeing a surging number of daily cases. According to experts, hopefully, daily cases by the end of June would stand somewhere at or near 20, 000. This will make India complete one full circle. This is where we exactly were before the second wave hit us.

It is pertinent at this point that India has to stay vigilant. Everyone around has already started talking about the ‘third wave’ and discussing whether a third wave will come up or not. Yes, we cannot let our guard down. The governments have to prepare and take all sorts of precautionary measures. Let us accept the fact that we were caught off-guard by the Wuhan virus when the second wave hit and us and it hit us real bad. To avert a similar situation in the near or distant future, our preparedness should be top-notch. With this, the coming and the severity of the third wave, if it ever arises, will also depend highly on how the general public behaves. Let us also accept that you and I cannot pass the buck to a politician or a political party for that matter if we get infected by the Chinese virus. A sense of self-responsibility, which is still clearly missing in India, needs to come up.

Slowly and steadily, governments of various states are now looking at opening up the lockdowns in phases, which is inevitable and crucial. Come what may, the economy needs to pace up. Hence, the general public now must follow what is the COVID appropriate behaviour. Also, while staying alert to avoid the third wave, we need to accept that the second wave is not over yet. While thinking about what lies in the future, we cannot overlook what is dangerous in the present. Once the lockdowns start opening up, it will be our conduct that will determine whether the numbers of the second wave dwindle even more rapidly or not; and whether the third wave comes up, and of course, its severity.

Another determinant for the reduction of both the present and future dangers is the pace of vaccination. We must get vaccinated as soon as possible. Increasing the number of people who get fully vaccinated will lead to what is called herd immunity and that is when we would be able to see the light at the end of this somber tunnel. Let us not repeat the mistakes we had committed after the first wave was subdued. Yes, it is extremely difficult to stay inside our houses day in and day out, and it is surely taking a toll on our mental health. But that is how we can save not only our own selves but the larger community. Even after the lockdown starts ending, let us just stay indoors as much as possible. Going out when extremely necessary should be made a compulsion; not because the government says so, but because our conscience alarms us to do so. After all, why do we need someone to always direct us about what should be done? Why can’t we, for once, do what is right on our own?

In the end (the same old directives which we have been hearing for the last year and a half), maintain social distancing so that we can party hard later on; wear your masks because no politician will come up to you to make you wear them; do not venture out until it is extremely important to; get vaccinated as that is the most important weapon against the Chinese virus; stay positive because there’s a silver lining which every cloud has. Together, we can avert the third wave and we can finish the second wave, yes, it has not ended.

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