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Hathras case: Uneasy calm prevails as Bulgari village turns into veritable fortress

Hathras/Lucknow: As uneasy calm gripped the Bulgari village of the 19-year-old Dalit victim girl with the families of the accused claiming their children’s innocence and the deceased’s father demanding a CBI probe into the incident.

The village has turned into a virtual fortress and no one, including the residents, is being allowed to visit the victim’s family.

On Friday, police had to chase away several people of nearby villages who were trying to enter the Bulgari village.

The victim’s father alleged that the district authorities were forcing them to change their version given to the media and even threatening them of dire consequences.

“We are fed up with the district authorities as they are pressuring us not to meet the media and then contradict our own versions given to media,” he said.

The father also accused the police of taking their signatures on blank papers.

Allahabad High court has taken suo motu action on the Hatras incident and summoned the state and Hathras officials, along with the family members in the court on October 12. The court has observed that it will not hesitate to order a high-level probe, if some lapses on the part of the state government is found.

Meanwhile, Union minister Ramdas Athawale is reaching Lucknow on October 3 and to meet Governor Anandiben Patel and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to inquire about the Hathras incident.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has shared a video where the father of the girl was reportedly saying that he is not satisfied with the police investigation and his family wants a CBI probe under the Supreme Court’s supervision.

“We have been put on house arrest by the police and no one including media were not allowed to meet up,” the father said in the video.

Earlier, a video of Hathras District Magistrate Praveen Kumar Lakshar was doing rounds in the social media in which the officer was seen threatening the father and forcing him to change his version over the illegal cremation of his daughter.

In another video, a woman of the victim’s family said that the DM was pressuring them to change their version on cremation and they are fearing that police will not allow them to stay in the village, if they don’t do what they say.

But Aligarh range Inspector General of Police (IG) Piyush Mordia claimed here on Friday that the situation was under control and to prevent anti-social elements trying to create law and order problem section 144 of the CrPC has been clamped in the entire Hatras district.

However, tension was brewing up in the area as the four accused who were from the adjoining districts have claimed that they are innocent and have been framed by political persons.

A local BJP leader and former MLA Rajveer Singh Pahlawan said that this incident should not be linked with any caste and claimed that all the four accused are innocent.

“Politicians due to their political compulsions have implicated these youths. But people here know the truth,” the leader said.

On the other hand Rakesh, father of one of the accused Ramu, has alleged that the local BJP MP was behind the entire conspiracy to implicate the four youths.

“The MP and his daughter, who belong to the same caste as the victim, have implicated four youths of the Thakur community,” he alleged.

Rakesh said, “If my son is guilty then fire him in public. But my son every day goes to work at a chiller plant on Agra road and he works there from morning till late evening. How could he be involved and the investigating agency should check his presence there.”

The BJP MP was involved in implicating the youths as he had posted such things in his Facebook account, Rakesh alleged.

Talking about the other accused, he said, ‘Ravi is the son of my elder brother and Sandeep is his grand-son.” The victim family stays nearby and there were some minor dispute. At first the family only accused Sandeep in the incident but later three more youths were charged.”

Claiming that the victim was like her daughter as she was also of the village, Rakesh questioned that how the girl went to the Chandpa police station walking if, she was beaten up badly, and contradicted the reported news of slitting of tongue and damaging the eyes of the victim.

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