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Hatred being grown at Delhi Border?

What we and our children have been taught about Farmers is that they are the अन्नदाता of the country and but seems we need to change the definition now in books and real life, if they are the ones at the Border protesting for the last 6 months. There will be few in the crowd but do they know they are being used by People who cannot stand India’s progress on the International level after so many years.

It is of no doubt that our India has progressed in every sector be it Education, Industries or Agricultural, New India is more vocal and stands for its countrymen, now we don’t the take attacks lightly whether, by internal forces or external forces, No blackmailing in any sense will be taken at face value where innocent people are used by others to meet their agendas. How the similar thing was right during their course and non-acceptable when they are not around anymore probably because they know they will never be able to rise again.

Apart from few real farmers in this protest, you will come across people who are being financially aided and the families being fed doing nothing extra to earn. As a common citizen what we have known always that if you truly want a solution then you work towards it with the people with whom you have conflicts but if you demand not to listen and refuse completely, then your true Agenda is something else not what is being flashed in front of countrymen and on International Media.

The important points to be noted are how come in the time of Covid, they are not concerned about the safety of themselves and their families, why would they jump in the risky situations until and unless they have been misled and brainwashed completely. Who is taking care of their families in their absence? The size of the protest is not small as well as the duration, who is feeding their families.

The leaders seem to narrate the scripts; they are incomplete shock after seeing India making its mark internationally, being hailed by so many countries for strong leadership and helping others. Our farmers are in complete denial of any solution being discussed but insist on cancellation of Farmers law completely, on one hand, they welcomed the stay order on Implementation of the farm law but rejected the committee appointed by the Supreme Court. They rejected a government proposal, dated 21 January 2021, of suspending the laws for one and a half years too. The reduction of timeline or minimum time to try the effectiveness of new laws for trial can be discussed only if the aim is to find a solution.

The protestors clashed with police on the outskirts as they forced their way in Delhi on 26th January 2021, Republic day – that marks the anniversary of India officially adopting its constitution on 26th January 1950. The tractor rally was planned well in advance and they were given specific routes on the outskirts too not to interrupt the Republic Day parade in central Delhi. Soon after the parade came to a close, they broke through the police barricades and one of the groups burst through security at Red Fort and they scaled the walls, domes of the fortress and even had the guts to hoist flags there. Can a farmer alone have the audacity of insulting their Tricolour without being guided and involvement of the miscreants whose agenda was to disrupt the peaceful rally, can it be an on-spot decision by few to march towards Red Fort and create a ruckus? The answer is clear in every Indian’s mind and even internationally too. The new and capable India is a threat to the people who never thought of seeing her free from their clutches ever.

As a common citizen, we have every right to be unhappy with the decisions taken by the ruling Government, the delay in so many legal cases leaves people distressed, frustrated but shall we all start behaving in this irresponsible manner to get our demands fulfilled? India had started limping slowly towards normalcy from the setback of 1st wave of Corona, it was not acceptable to few. How can you support the agitation by not letting them know the risks of being huddled at the protest site? Farmers today are well educated and know that they need to expand the sales of their crops not at a loss BUT surely cannot get to the extent of violence during a protest.

When Kumbh Mela took place the opposition parties called it the reason for the second wave, which is the farmer’s protest site safe / shielded and secured from the virus. The Nation is being held at gunpoint just to tarnish the image of the Leaders who have put India high on the Globe. India has been progressing at all levels especially the ground level population with so many schemes being effectively put in place. It takes time to bring people up and needs efforts at all stages from all sectors to do so.

The Industrialists when being backed by the previous parties was agreeable and important and also in favour of the farmers, and nation but now it’s threatening for Nation and its people. The regularisation of laws, MSP, Mandi’s, and Market Fee or Cess should be favourable to all and in accordance for the growth of our farmers and eventually Nation.

किसान फसल उगाने वाला है, उसे इस्तेमाल कर नफ़रत के बीज़ मत बोना

Sarita Gupta

Columnist, Goa Chronicle Sarita Gupta, an Interior Designer by profession with over 25yrs experience, resident of Gurgaon. Proud Mother of 2 , a fun loving ,avid enthusiast traveller, keen observer and penchant to writing poems driven by causes still unaddressed/suppressed.

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