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Hawala Money in Casinos:Pacheco


Goa former Tourism Minister Fransisco Miccky Pacheco has alleged that off shore casinos were sheltering hawala rackets in the state.

“Money is transacted in these casinos through hawala. The black money is pumped in through these gambling dens as there is no control of government over them,” Pacheco expressed.

The Goa Vikas Party legislator said that he had discussed this issue with Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar as it is of serious concern.

Goa has five off shore casinos operating in Panaji.

Pacheco alleged that state government has absolutely no control over the functioning of these casinos, which siphon off the money looting the state exchequer.

The legislator claimed that the casino operators fudge the number of visitors and evade the entry fee, which is payable to the state government.

“Similar is the case with the entertainment tax. They show doctored records so that they have to pay only 20 per cent of the actual tax,” Pacheco alleged.

The legislator claimed that the off shore casino operators have cheated the government of thousands of crores of rupees.


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