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Headmasters Oppose, President Tones Down

It was high drama outside the Education Department building on Monday as the headmasters steadfastly refused to implement the department’s circular not to detain students for the academic year concluded even though their president appeared to be inclined towards implementing the same.
It may be recalled that the Goa Headmasters Association (GHA) had initially refused to implement the Education Department’s circular directing them not to detain any students for the last academic year in view of the government’s decision to implement the Right to Education Act in a phased manner.

The GHA’s main grounds were that results were already declared before the circular and schools had also admitted students with many of the detained students changing the schools. Besides, they also pointed out that the department had not issued any guidelines in view of which they were left in a quandary as to what remarks to put on the report card of students who were already detained.
On Monday after the Education Director Celsa Pinto assured the GHA delegation that the guidelines would be issued shortly, GHA president Sanjiv Sawant appeared to be willing to toe the Department’s line.
However, the large number of headmasters gathered outside the Department office refused to accept their President’s stand and insisted that the government cannot foist any circular on them. They pointed out that the alternative for “no detention” which was the continuous assessment of the student was not done for the last academic year and therefore the student cannot be promoted.
Facing a literal revolt from its rank and files, the GHA has now decided to take a final decision only after the Department releases the guidelines.

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