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Headmasters To Oppose ‘No Detention’ Circular

The Goa Headmasters’ Association (GHA) has reiterated its decision not to implement the “no detention” circular of the Education Department dismissing the two guidelines issued by the department as “no guidelines” at all.

The GHA pointed out that the guidelines issued by the Department is nothing but a circular stating what remark should be put on the report card of students who have been declared failed.

Vide a circular dated 6th May 2011, the Education Department had directed heads of all institutions not to detain any students from Class I to VIII. However, as GHA and other organization objected to it and pointed out that the prevailing guidelines to prepare reports were not amended, the Department issued another circular on 19th May which was supposed to be the guidelines.

The 19th May circular asked the schools to put the remark “promoted to the next class as per Section 16 of the RTE Act and also refer to the 6th May circular.

The GHA while pointing out that the “no detention” circular would be difficult to implement as the report cards were already dispatched before the circular was issued and that many of the “failed” students had taken admission to other institutes.

Besides, it was also argued that the continuous assessment system that was to be put in place before implementing the “no detention” policy, has not been adhered to by the schools during the last academic year.

The GHA had asked that the “no detention” be adopted from the next academic year.

However, the Department appears to be adamant on implementing it with retrospective effect and according to a senior officials, the institutes will have to follow the Department’s orders as ultimately it is the department that controls the government grants provided to these institutes.

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