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Heavy Rains Make Canacona Farmers Weep Again

Heavy rains that lashed Canacona on Sunday has caused extensive damage to the paddy cultivation for the second consecutive year as last year the cloud burst around the same time of the year had damaged the crop in this taluka.

Gaondongrim Sarpanch Vishant Gaonkar said around 80 farmers from Zintawadi, Karvem, Nane, Indrawada, Sristhal, Saturlem and Talem besides Gaondongrim proper, have been adversely affected.

He blamed the failure of government agencies to clear the damage caused by last year’s cloudburst as the cause for the damage to paddy crop this year.
“Last year’s cloud burst had disrupted the area with mud, pebbles and even boulders clogging the natural storm water drains. Even though the Water Resources Department had promised to clear these drains before the onset of current monsoons, they failed to do so and that is the reason why the paddy crop is damaged, “he said.

As the natural storm water ways are blocked, whenever there is heavy rainfall, the water unable to follow its natural course, breaches the banks and floods the nearby fields.

Ironically, the sudden rains came when the crop was ready for harvesting as a result of which the grain on the sheaves is also damaged.

Farmers from the area were also critical of the government response in addressing this crucial issue as their very livelihood is now at stake and they are being reduced to a desperate situation of being dependant only on government dole.

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