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Hegde hankers for publicity: CM hits back

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar hit back at former Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde for his critical comments on the Goa government not yet finding a Lokayukta in the state and said “I don’t want yes-men Lokayukta that is why it is taking time to find the right person for the position”.

Parrikar said Justice Hegde has by his statement admitted that there are yes-men Lokayuktas and that is precisely what we are trying to avoid. It takes time to find the right man for the job. Justice Hegde should know that. He has been a Lokayukta himself and he should know it better. If you want yes-men Lokayukta’s then I will give you two names which are before me. I don’t want them and that is why the search is taking time”.

Parrikar said he did not want a Lokayukta like Hegde who hanker for media publicity and who open their mouth all the time before the media. I want a Lokayukta who is mature and unbiased”.

When it comes to the recruitment of a Lokayukta, Parrikar reiterated, it is more difficult and we don’t want to put a wrong man for the job. Parrikar pointed out that if it was so easy to find a retired judge suitable for the job and is willing to come to Goa, then why are there so many vacancies for the posts of judges in various high courts and the Supreme Court? They don’t find good people for the posts.”

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